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Our Purpose

As an adult, Kevin Gardenier, founder of Purposeful Wealth Strategies, learned he was Asperger’s - and his outlook on life shifted. As a financial planner since 2000, he has helped countless individuals pursue their wealth goals. While this was still his intention, his professional perspective changed.

His life’s mission transformed. His new professional and personal goal became twofold: 1 - to help people find their purpose and match it with their life; and, 2 - to help people with special needs planning - specifically those on the autism spectrum.

Today, the team at Purposeful Wealth Strategies is on a mission. We are a group of passionate industry professionals who strive to leave a meaningful legacy through the lives we serve. Our approach to financial planning is designed to help clients effectively manage their finances while also pursuing personal life goals. By keeping both of these in perspective at all times, we help to empower individuals to pursue the lifestyle and purpose they desire.