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Our Approach

At Purposeful Wealth Strategies, we believe the planning process is just as important as the destination. Our team provides a multi-disciplinary approach to financial planning and education. By utilizing what we call the "5-E Financial Life Planning" process, we guide individuals toward their goals with purpose.

Whether your goals include retiring with money to spare, securing an insurance planning strategy, establishing a lifelong care plan for a special needs child, or leaving a lasting legacy - we can walk with you through the following five-stage process to help ensure nothing is missed:

  1. Explore: In the beginning we take the time to find out what your needs and desires are. We then see if we can match those up with how our services help address those specific needs and desires. Together we evaluate whether this relationship might be a good fit.

  2. Engage: The second stage begins after a commitment has been made to move forward with a working relationship. The focus now is to identify and clarify your true values and priorities by gathering financial information, as well as your personal views and beliefs about money.

  3. Envision: As we continue our work together we move to helping you create a vision for the future that is compelling, purposeful and inspiring. With the objective of defining your personal and financial goals we are looking to understand what is most important to you.

  4. Enlighten: This stage moves us to clarifying and verifying what we have done thus far and beginning to communicate our recommendations. We can explain our observations and the action steps needed to implement your dynamic plan.

  5. Empower: As your life changes, so does your plan. Our goal is that our work together will be the foundation to continue supporting your life’s vision and purpose. We will be with you each step of the way providing clarity and navigating the course as your life and plan evolves.

We hope this process enhances the overall outcome for our clients and leads to a more meaningful experience.

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