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Our Difference

It isn’t just a matter of choosing a financial advisor, but selecting one who shares your values, understands your goals, and who will work with diligence to help you pursue them. The right financial planner can have a profound impact on your life - not just in the present, but for decades into the future.

Purposeful Wealth Strategies is a group of financial planning professionals who aim to be the difference in the lives we serve. Led by Kevin Gardenier, our goal is to help people find their purpose so they can lead fulfilling and enriching lives while attaining their personal, professional and financial goals. As a person with Asperger’s, Kevin brings a unique perspective and set of skills other advisors might not. His incredible attention to detail complements his solution-oriented second nature, making him a bottom-up thinker that thoroughly evaluates your various options, while keeping the big picture in mind.

While many financial planners place quantitative data (the numbers) at the heart of their client’s strategies, we pay just as much attention to the qualitative side of the equation. We take time to understand what each client cares about most, including their values, how they approach money and their fears. By gaining insight into emotional and behavioral aspects, we believe we are better able to help our clients live their values and pursue their financial goals.

We are proud of the comprehensive wealth management service we provide to individuals, families and business owners who are passionate about matching their finances to their life’s purpose.

Call today to schedule a complimentary, no obligation consultation and experience the Purposeful Wealth Strategies difference for yourself.