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Books by #ActuallyAutistic Authors

| April 21, 2022

While researching topics for our Autism blog, I've come across numerous references to authors or books about Autism. I started to keep track of these books as more of a personal "to be read" list. However, the list quickly went from about 5-10 books to read; to what is, at last count, 75 books! Granted, I did want to try and find books that would be of interest to all ages. Therefore you'll find picture books for young children, books for middle-schoolers, and books for adults on this list. My other primary qualification for this list was to keep it to books by authors who are #ActuallyAutistic. This representation is vital so that those who are Autistic can better connect to these stories, and those who are not Autistic can get a better idea of authentic Autistic experiences. You may find a few books here that aren't written by Autistic authors. If they had strong enough reviews I added them to eventually check out and determine if they may still serve as quality resources.

I'd love to hear feedback from any of you! Have you read any books on this list? What did you think of them? Are there any books that I should remove or add to this list?  

View my ever-evolving list here!